Practical Services

  • Expense Reports
    1. Download one of the following files for church related expense reimbursement:
      1. SJSU Campus Work
      2. Church in San Jose General Expenses
    2. Email William Lee and Ounho Park with the expense report as an attachment.
    3. Print out a hard copy of the expense report and staple it with the relevant receipts.
    4. Give the hard copy to Ounho Park for record keeping.
  • Service Group Lists
    1. Ushering
    2. LD Table Bread
    3. Audio & Visual
    4. Piano & Guitar
    5. Kitchen Service (Love Feast Preparations & Clean-up)
    6. Hall Cleaning Rotation
    7. Church Finances (Offering, Disbursement, Statements)
    8. Service Office
    9. Book Sales
    10. Church Website
    11. Meeting Hall Supplies
    12. Meeting Hall Maintenance
  • Children and Young People Serving Ones Background Check
    • Please click on the following link and fill in the application form. After you submit your application form, your report will be available in 48 hours and it will be reviewed by the eldership in San Jose only.
    • The Background Check will include the followings:
      1. National Criminal Database Search
      2. SSN Verification & Address History
      3. National Sex Offender Registry
      4. Child Abuse Registry Search
    • Click Here for Background Check Application