Hebrews Reading

“We are people who have crossed over from the other side. What is for us on this side? Churching! We are the water crossers. We are Hebrews. The water has separated us. What are we doing here? We are building the tabernacle, today’s ark. The first of the ancient water crossers, Noah, built the ark. The Hebrews in Moses’ time built the tabernacle. Now we, today’s Hebrews, are building the church.

Because we are the real Hebrews, the book of Hebrews is for us. Do not think that only the Jewish believers are Hebrews. We are Hebrews also. We are Hebrews, and this wonderful book of Hebrews is for us. As long as you remain worldly, you are disqualified from receiving this book. As long as you consider yourself as a world dweller, you are through with the book of Hebrews. This book is only for the Hebrews. Since we are the real Hebrews, we have at least one book in the Bible written to us. I am neither Timothy nor Titus, but I am a genuine Hebrew. We all are Hebrews. How we must thank the Lord that the most profound, rich, and deep book is for us! No other book is more profound than Hebrews. God loves His Hebrews. We have crossed the river and we are upon the sea of glass. Surely we can understand such a wonderful book because we have crossed the river. Our God has written such a book to us.” (Life-study of Hebrews Message 1)

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Date Messages Questions 問题 Preguntas
6/17-6/23 25 & 26 English Chinese Spanish
6/10-6/16 23 & 24 English Chinese Spanish
6/3-6/9 21 & 22 English Chinese Spanish
5/27-6/2 19 & 20 English Chinese Spanish
5/20-5/26 17 & 18 English Chinese Spanish
5/13-5/19 15 & 16 English Chinese Spanish
5/6-5/12 13 & 14 English Chinese Spanish
4/29-5/5 11 & 12 English Chinese Spanish
4/22-4/28 9 & 10 English Chinese Spanish
4/15-4/21 7 & 8 English Chinese Spanish
4/8-4/14 5 & 6 English Chinese Spanish
4/1- 4/7 3 & 4 English Chinese Spanish
3/25 – 3/31 1 & 2 English Chinese Spanish